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About the Owner of Jamaica Pawnshop

Jamaica Pawnshop: Across four generations, our family’s 80+ years in the jewelry business provide expert assistance with strong national and international connections.

Nino Shmariahu 

In mid-1980s, the President entered the jewelry scene in Manhattan’s Diamond District. He moved from a gold buying store to selling his own wares. Transitioning expertise from wholesale/retail, he established a pawn shop in Jamaica Queens, New York. Since traditional banks turn away people in need of short-term assistance, Nino’s Pawn Shop has transformed into a neighborhood bank.

Quoted in the prestigious NEW YORK TIMES daily newspaper on Tuesday, October 25, 2005, as a expert “ethnogemologist” Nino clearly understands jewelry, taking into account the date of manufacture, style, craftsmanship and country of origin. While he never encourages borrowing the maximum amount offered so as not to overextend yourself, his appraisals are top-notch and higher than most due to his knowledge and enthusiasm to help.

In der prestigeträchtigen NEW YORK TIMES wird Nino als erfahrener „Ethnogemologe“ zitiert. Nino hat ein klares Verständnis von Schmuck und berücksichtigt dabei Herstellungsdatum, Stil, Handwerkskunst und Herkunftsland

Jamaica Pawnshop | New York's Lowest Pawn Loan Rates, Personalized Service, and Expert Appraisal

US Pawnbrokers, Inc: is licensed as a Pawnshop in the State of New York. Since Nino took the helm in 1999, adding beautiful indoor landscaping, comfortable seating and security, the business has quadrupled. US Pawnbroker has become a neighborhood beloved store, with each holiday creatively represented in exciting decor.

If you don’t like our offer or if we decide that we cannot provide a loan against your items, return shipping is on us. If you agree to take the loan we offer, when you redeem your merchandise the shipping is on us – the only shipping you even need to pay for, is the original mailing of merchandise to us for inspection/appraisal/loan. We use the US Postal Service for shipping. Items valued at over $1000 will be shipped REGISTERED insure mail. Items $999.99 and under will be shipped USPS PRIORITY insured. If you need EXPRESS mail services there is an added fee.

New York State offers the lowest interest rates in the nation for pawned goods.

Nino, armed with GIA education, business acumen, and US Pawnbroker’s Society standing, ensures meticulous assessment of your items.

His role as a personal loan officer guarantees proper care and accurate appraisal for your merchandise.

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