Did you ever notice the pawn shop?

So, you are walking down the street, the same street you have walked down month after month for several years. Did you ever notice the pawn shop? It has probably been there for years and you chose not to see it.

Maybe it’s time for a change. You’re walking by it now, why not stop, walk in, and look around? It’s amazing how many products are displayed, wristwatches, jewelry, rings, electronics, sterling silver, gold, platinum and diamonds, and many other items. If I wrote about all of them I would run out of space.

So, I ask one of the guys in the store to tell me about their business. He explains that they can give me a loan based on the item I offer as collateral. He tells that they purchased all the thing on display in the store from people like me. The people who owned them needed money and he purchased the items from them, or he used them as collateral for their pawn loan. Then he says that pawn loans are a fast, safe way to borrow money. His rates are regulated by New York State, very fair, and they cost less than a credit card or payday loan.

It’s my move now. Jamaica Pawn is run by real people, people like me and my friends. When I have cash, I can buy the merchandise in the store at great prices. And when I need money, I don’t have to use my credit card or go to a bank, I can borrow it from Jamaica Pawn by using items I own as collateral and have the money the same day. Or, I can or sell them some of the things I own, have no debt and get the cash the same day.

Pawn loans, it turns out they are a great deal. I am glad I stopped into Jamaica pawn.

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