Tips For When You Want to Sell or Pawn Gold and Platinum in Jamaica, Queens

There are many times when we find ourselves in need of some extra cash. We may not have family or friends who can loan us money, or banks and other lending institutions aren’t set up for small or short-term loans. Furthermore, this may leave you wondering exactly how you can get money. Pawn shops have been around long and can provide short-term loans and buy items outright. Here we will look at tips to sell or pawn gold and platinum in Queens.

Should You Sell Or Pawn Your Gold and Platinum?

sell or pawn gold in queens

Oftentimes something valuable like gold and platinum jewelry has both monetary and sentimental value. Therefore, then you will likely want to get the item back.

If you choose to pawn the item, you will customarily get less than if you were to sell it outright. Even so, pawn shops would need to be able to purchase the item for a reasonable amount less than what they can expect to sell it for. They are a business and it makes no sense for them to buy the item for as much or more than they can sell.

If you require the maximum amount of money and the pawn shop makes you an offer that you are comfortable with, then you can certainly sell the item. If not, consider pawning it and getting the cash available, and at a later date; you can come and repurchase the item and either keep it or take the time to sell it for a price that you feel it’s worth.

When you pawn an item it is essentially a short-term loan. Different states put different restrictions on how much interest and what type of fees a pawn shop can charge when making a loan on an item of value. New York has the lowest interest rate in the country for pawn shops, so if you are unsure whether or not you want to sell or pawn it, then it may help you to know that there will only be a 4% interest per month along with reasonable service and insurance fees.

Additionally, it is easy to get a smaller loan than what would be possible at other institutions. The fees allow the item to remain held until you can pay it off in full.

If I Want to Sell or Pawn Gold and Platinum in Queens, How Can I Be Sure Jamaica Pawn Is A Good Option?

Most people would have no idea how to sell an item even if they wanted. They could run an ad posting the item for sale, but in need of fast cash, the item may not sell in the time frame they need unless they’re willing to sell it way under value. On the other hand, there aren’t many good choices for small short-term loans.

This is where a pawn shop like Jamaica Pawn Brokers comes in. They are in business to purchase gold and other merchandise and provide short-term loans using those items as collateral. Because you are using collateral that guarantees the amount of money you are borrowing, they will offer the loan without concern over whether you are a high-risk or low-risk borrower. Indeed, you can go in and get a loan on an item the same day you go in.

If you choose to sell the item, then the pawn shop will determine what price they are willing to pay. And if you agree to the price, they can provide the cash on the spot. This makes the entire process quick and painless. It means that you don’t have to put an ad in a newspaper or on Craigslist and then wait for calls and try to negotiate over days, weeks, or months trying to sell the item. It also means that you have the option of pawning it, rather than selling it. This means that you can purchase the item back after simply paying the amount that you borrowed plus reasonable interest and fees.

Most loans are small, but some can be thousands of dollars depending on the value of the item or items you are pawning. The length of the loan depends on the state of the item you pawn. In New York, four months is the typical loan period.

If I Want To Sell Or Pawn Gold and Platinum in Queens, How Can I Be Sure I’m Getting A Fair Price?

Before you go to the pawn shop, you should take some time to research your items and their value. Pawn shops are businesses, and of course, as in all companies, the idea is to buy low and sell high. By walking into a pawn shop knowing the value of your item, you’re in a stronger position to negotiate.
If possible, you may even want to have it professionally appraised. Furthermore, a notarized document of the appraisal could be used to negotiate. Doing these things can help you get more for your item. However, please remember that a pawn shop is a place of business looking to make a profit.
When you go in to negotiate, you do need to keep in mind that you won’t receive full value. The reason is that they will need to sell the item. Furthermore, it will be necessary for them to have some room to discount the price. Therefore, most buyers at a pawn shop are looking for a bargain. Henceforth, pawn shops need to be able to sell the item at a discount and still make a profit.

If You Want To Sell Or Pawn Gold & Platinum, Then Look For The Best Pawn Shop

Pawn Shop in Jamaica, Queens


Gold & Platinum are considered specialty items, you need to find the best pawn shop. Other pawn shops may not have the ability to move gold & platinum. By going to a place like Jamaica Pawn Brokers who deal with these items every day, you will have no problem being able to pawn the item or to sell it so long as it is a quality piece.

Keep in mind that pawn shops often specialize in certain types of items. If one deals mostly in antiques, they may not handle gold or similar items. Therefore, they would not be an appropriate choice. Some pawn shops don’t specialize and have a wide range of products. And still,  others are highly specialized and you will find some that handle the type of item. Either way, you’re looking to get the loan that you need or to sell the item for a reasonable price.

What Happens If I Default On The Loan?

Each state will have its own rules regarding loans. In New York, pawnbrokers have to notify you by mail at least one month before the loan goes into default. If you get this notice, you will either have to pay it off or extend the loan by paying the interest you owe. That way, you can have another four months to pay it back. It might surprise you that as high as 80% of loans made at a pawnbroker get repaid.

If you want the item back, you have a very good chance of getting it. We are very happy to give you your item back once you have paid what you owe. They are in business to make this type of short-term loan. And a substantial percentage of their profit comes from the interest earned on those loans. For that reason, they are glad to give you your item back. Hopefully, your experience will be good enough that should you need future loans, you will do business with them again.


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