Sell Or Pawn Your Diamonds in Jamaica, Queens 

When it comes to wanting to sell or pawn diamonds in Queens, or for those who don’t reside in Queens but still don’t mind doing business with companies in Queens, there is an option. That option is Jamaica Pawn Brokers, which is one of the top pawn shops in NYC. People have many reasons for wanting to sell their diamonds, but they don’t know how pawning works or how to interact with a pawnshop.

Some people don’t know whether they should sell or pawn. Then some want to sell their diamonds, but they don’t know if going through a pawn shop is the best option. Before you do anything else, read this article, and then you can decide whether or not to sell your diamonds or pawn them to Jamaica Pawn.

Sell Or Pawn Diamonds: How Does It Work

sell or pawn diamonds in queens

Don’t worry because Jamaica Pawn has made it easy. That being said, below is how it all works:

1. Selling– Regardless of the method, the staff at Jamaica Pawn will evaluate your diamonds before making you an offer.

Once your diamonds have been appraised and an offer is made to you, the next step is to refuse the offer or accept it. You’re under no obligation to accept the offer. If you accept it, then you’ll receive payment via cash, check, etc.

2. Pawning- Pawning is simple, as it is a loan. Your diamonds are collateral and play a role in determining how much of a loan you’ll be approved for. If you don’t pay the loan back within a specified period, then your diamonds will be sold. The loans available through Jamaica Pawn range from as little as $50 and go up to as much as $100,000.

3. Requirements– First, you have to be at least 18 years old. If you are younger than 18, then you are not going to be able to do business with Jamaica Pawn Brokers.

You have to show your ID, too. If approved for a pawn loan, then you will receive both your money and a pawn contract. If you don’t agree to the terms/conditions, then you will not be given the loan.

It’s important to adhere to the conditions of your pawn loan. If you don’t, then you could default on the contract and will not be able to get your diamonds back.

There are pros and cons to selling your diamonds or pawning them. Feel free to think about the pros and cons before you make a final decision. When you sell or pawn diamonds in Queens, Jamaica Pawn is ready to do business with you. 

Why Use Jamaica Pawn

sell or pawn diamonds in queens

Why Use Jamaica Pawn

1. Get A Loan Or Cash From A Sale- Jamaica Pawn offers loans on diamonds of all types. We accept rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and much more. If you have diamonds that you want to sell or pawn, then consider doing business with Jamaica Pawn.

Remember, the loans range from small amounts of around $50 up to $100K.

You might not get approved for the amount you want, but you could qualify for a lower amount. The main factor is the current value of your diamonds and the type of diamonds you want to sell or pawn.

2. Low Rates- Jamaica Pawn loans are highly competitive. Furthermore, NY state has laws for pawn loan rates, another reason why pawn loans from Jamaica Pawn are competitive. Generally speaking, their rates are more than fair.

3. Fast Cash- If you come into their physical place of business in Queens, then you could leave with cash in hand. Whether it’s a loan you want, or you want to sell your diamonds, you will receive the money fast.

4. Do It Through Mail- One of the best things about Jamaica Pawn is you do not have to live in Queens or even in the state of NY to do business with them. You can do everything via mail, but the process of getting your cash will be a bit longer. If you go to Jamaica Pawn in person, you’ll leave with money on the spot if we approve you for a loan or accept our cash offer on a sale.

Remember, we will insure your diamonds if you decide to pawn them. If you need fast cash and want to pawn or sell your diamonds, contact Jamaica Pawn.

Why Would People Sell Or Pawn Their Diamonds

  1. The first reason people sell or pawn their diamonds is that they have bills that need to be paid. These bills can include medical, car payments, mortgages and credit cards to name a few. If you have fallen behind your bills and you’re becoming stressed over it, then get a pawn loan or sell your diamonds. Depending on what they are worth, you might be able to catch up with your bills very soon.
  2. The second reason people get pawn loans for their diamonds is that they are short on cash. This could be for a major item they want to purchase. If you have an eye on a car you want to buy, but you don’t have enough money to pay for it in full, then dealing with a pawn shop might be worth considering. If your diamonds are worth quite a bit, you might be able to buy the car outright. This is just one example of what you might be short on cash on.
  3. The third reason is in regards to credit. A lot of people have bad credit or no credit. This makes it extremely difficult to get a personal loan from a bank or credit union. Jamaica Pawn does not perform credit checks on those who want a pawn loan or want to sell their diamonds. If you go in person, the entire process from start to finish will be much quicker and smoother than you think.
  4. The fourth reason is if you have unwanted diamonds. If you have diamonds that have been gathering dust and you want to get rid of them quickly, then Jamaica Pawn is a good option. They will make you a cash offer quickly or provide you with a loan.
  5. A fifth reason is for entertainment purposes or to go on a vacation you don’t have the cash for. If you receive a pawn loan or proceeds from the selling your diamonds, you could use that to pay off your vacation. You might be surprised at how much you can get when you do business with Jamaica Pawn.

Get Your Cash Today

If you want to sell or pawn diamonds in Queens, Jamaica Pawn is here for you. All you have to do is call (718)739-6060 with any questions you have about selling or pawning your diamonds. You might be surprised at how much you can get if you sell your diamonds. However, do remember you can pawn your diamonds and get them back after you have paid the loan off. Once again, feel free to call (718)739-6060 to find out how much you can get for your diamonds today!

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Продайте или заложите свои бриллианты на Ямайке, Квинс

При продаже ювелирных изделий с бриллиантами наши клиенты чаще всего задаются этим вопросом. Стоимость бриллианта в основном определяется:

  • КАРАТ: Вес бриллианта.
  • ЦВЕТ: Широкий диапазон оттенков влияет на стоимость.
  • ПРОЗРАЧНОСТЬ: Цена бриллианта увеличивается в зависимости от степени его чистоты.
  • ФОРМА: Бриллианты круглой огранки более ценны, чем бриллианты фантазийной огранки, например, «Принцесса» или «Изумруд».
  • ВЫРЕЗКА: Как ярко светится и отражает свет ваш бриллиант.

Нам необходимо изучить бриллиант, чтобы квалифицированно определить все эти аспекты и определить, сколько стоит ваш бриллиант. Позвоните нам по телефону 718-739-6060, чтобы поговорить о вашем бриллианте; дадим Вам консультацию по телефону.

В большинстве случаев, если вы предоставите нам конкретную информацию о вашем бриллианте, такую как его форма, вес в каратах, цвет и чистота, мы можем сделать вам приблизительное предложение по нему или кольцу с бриллиантом. Чтобы сделать конкурентоспособное предложение на ваш бриллиант, мы оцениваем данные о текущей рыночной цене на бриллианты, чтобы составить диапазон цен. В конечном итоге, чтобы сделать лучшее предложение, мы должны лично осмотреть ваш бриллиант в нашем офисе. Чтобы мы могли тщательно оценить ваш бриллиант и сделать лучшее предложение, у нас есть для вас удобный и безопасный вариант доставки.

В большинстве случаев мы можем оценить бриллианты, не вынимая камни из оправы. В этом случае мы запросим и всегда получим ваше разрешение, прежде чем удалять камни.

Мы также стремимся предоставить вам диапазон цен, чтобы вы могли решить, стоит ли нам удалять камень. Если нам понадобится вернуть ваш камень, высококвалифицированные ювелиры вернут все бриллианты обратно в оправы.

Ломбард Ямайки имеет доступ к актуальной информации о ценах на рынке бриллиантов. Мы оцениваем качество и характеристики вашего бриллианта с бриллиантами сопоставимого качества, предлагаемыми на рынке торговли бриллиантами по всему миру, на основе вашего описания и нашего физического осмотра вашего кольца. Затем, чтобы сделать лучшее предложение, мы можем установить текущие и подходящие цены на ваш бриллиант.

Если у вас есть сертификат оценки, аттестация или оригинал ювелирной квитанции, вы можете найти полезную информацию. Вы также можете отправить его нам на рассмотрение или принести. Если вы оказались в такой ситуации, позвоните нам по телефону 718-739-6060.

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Продать или заложить бриллианты
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Ямайские ломбарды,
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Когда речь идет о желании продать или заложить бриллианты в Квинсе, или о тех, кто не проживает в Квинсе, но все же не против вести бизнес с компаниями в Квинсе, тогда есть вариант. Этот вариант — Jamaica Pawn Brokers, один из лучших ломбардов Нью-Йорка. У людей есть много причин хотеть продать свои бриллианты, но они не знают, как работает заклад или как продать их в ломбард.