The U.S. government shutdown was a financial disaster for many federal employees and contractors

When federal workers stopped receiving their paychecks in January 2019 due to the U.S. government shutdown it was a financial disaster for many federal employees and contractors. Some of them were already living week-to-week earning $10 – $20 per hour while raising a family that needed food, clothing and shelter. Many had limited, if any, savings, and few places to turn for temporary relief.

New York City is one of the areas around the country that serves as home to large numbers of federal workers. Soon after the government shutdown many workers stopped getting paid and had trouble paying their bills and buying essentials like ford and clothing.

Access to credit for people who earn $10-$20/hour is limited and that’s what many of these workers were getting paid. Payday loans are expensive and credit card fees are high. In addition, many of these workers didn’t have credit cards. The lucky ones could draw from their savings, but the others needed a solution.

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