Pawn your stuff claim it after the corona

Have something you want to pawn? Bring it over to Jamaica Pawn Inc in Jamaica NY

where you can get cash for gold, silver, electronics, watches, and more.

We’re a great place with great 5 stars customer service for our pawn service, located near you in Jamaica Queens and would be happy to serve you even during these challenging times of the pandemic and Corona crisis. If needed, we can speak with you from behind a glass and just so you know, our store is very well sterilized so you can be sure that you’re entering a sanitary place.

There’s no better place to pawn your items if you’re going to be in the area. Come on down and give Jamaica NY a visit. If you have gold, silver, thiết bị điện tử, watches, and more lying around that you want to get rid of, Jamaica Pawn Inc wants what you have to offer! Plus, why not make some extra money during these strange times with the Coronavirus getting everybody down.

We’re open here and are doing a loan with bad credit if necessary so don’t worry if you do have bad credit or good credit. We’ll take care of you and ensure that you are able to sell your miscellaneous items, regardless of what condition they may be in. We take a look at everything and we want your watches, gold, and silver here in Jamaica NY.

Keeping electronics stored in the house that you’re never going to use when it can make you money is unnecessary, especially if you live in Jamaica NY. Get cash for your items as soon as possible and walk away with extra money in your pocket to later treat yourself or someone you love to an even better gift! Our pawn shop would be more than happy to welcome you in and our hours are between 12 pm and 3 pm. If you happen to be in the Jamaica Queens area, whether you’re a resident or you’re just stopping by, we would love to have you. If you’re worried about getting a loan with bad credit, you won’t have to stress out about a bad credit score here. We’ll carefully examine whatever you bring us and try to give you the best value for what you have to offer. Get the best bang for your buck down here in Jamaica NY.

Keep in mind that even during this Corona crisis, our store is cleaned and properly sterilized so you won’t have to worry about 6 feet of contact with another individual. We will speak to you from behind a glass and make sure that you are being taken care of and that the proper cleaning steps have been taken in the interest of both parties. We’re here to serve you and take care of you and we want you to feel welcome in our shop especially during this time.

corona outbreak but we are Open

Please bring any items you want to get rid of and we’ll give you cash for them. Let us pay you for leftover materials. You probably have a lot of stuff lying around anyway. Just take a quick look at your attic or your basement and you’ll likely find a whole bunch of stuff that you never use anymore. You can make money for all those unused items down at our pawn shop.

Pawnshops have been essential to the economy and can accommodate any person from any walk of life. We pride ourselves on being strong professionals who will treat you with respect, kindness and humility from the moment you walk in the door. Expect to be greeted by our guys and know that we’re here to help you no matter what.

You can be sure you’ll get the best asking price for your items. We want our customers to feel at home here at Jamaica Pawn Inc and we know that you’ll feel like you’re part of the family as soon as you step in to the shop. Trust us, we’re a family-owned business that have been doing this for well over 35 years. We’ve been instrumental to the business and are known for letting our customers receive collateral without any loan check! Your bad credit score doesn’t matter here. You can come to us.

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Open Pawn Shop
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Open Pawn Shop
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Công ty cầm đồ Jamaica,11435,
Telephone No.(718) 739-6060
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Jamaica NY
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Have something you want to pawn? Bring it over to Jamaica Pawn Inc in Jamaica NY where you can get cash for gold, silver, electronics, watches, and more.
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