Get the Best Rates When You Sell or Pawn Jewelry in Jamaica, Queens 

If you need cash fast and have jewelry to sell, you can pawn it for a loan on the spot. You get immediate cash when pawning jewelry in Queens at Jamaica Pawn Brokers. You can get the money you need without a credit check, whether you need $100 or $100,000. The interest rates are low. Furthermore, the appraisal is free.

How Does the Process Work?

The jewelry is an asset, and you can liquidate it for cash. You can pawn your jewelry for cash on the spot. You will get a fair price for your jewelry as collateral for a loan or sell it for a fair price.

Indeed, take a loan on your jewelry for a low interest rate. Interest rates in New York are reasonable and capped, so you get a good rate. You can take your jewelry to the shop or get a quote over the phone and mail it to the shop. The price you get will depend on the quality of the jewelry and the weight of the gold or stones.

You can work out the loan terms with the pawnbroker – loans can last 365 days. The value of jewelry fluctuates, so you get more when you sell.

The process is efficient, and the expert appraisers offer a fair price. When you need the money and have valuable jewelry, it just makes sense to sell it.


What Goes on During the Appraisal?

The pawn shop provides a free appraisal for your jewelry. If you accept the price, you can either get cash for your jewelry or use it as collateral for a loan. The pawnbroker will figure out the value of the item. They also look at the purity of the metal and they look at the value of the stones as well.

Plain gold and silver jewelry are priced based on weight; no matter the condition. The clasp might break, or the stone might have fallen out of a pure gold or platinum ring. No matter the condition, jewelry melts down. You will get more money for your gold as the purity goes up. You will get the highest prices for 24k and 18k gold.

The appraiser is also going to look at the value of the stones. Diamonds are worth the most. Indeed, the stone and the metal determine the final price. The appraisers at Jamaica Pawn Brokers have years of experience appraising fairly.


What Kind of Jewelry Can You Pawn?


You can pawn all the jewelry that you own. You will get more money for expensive and rare jewelry. The pawnbroker looks at the diamonds or other precious stones in the jewelry. The amount of gold in the jewelry plays a significant role in price. If you have a unique or rare piece, you get more money. When you sell or pawn jewelry in Jamaica, Queens, you can get cash or a loan on the spot.

You don’t want to try to pawn costume jewelry since it isn’t worth much. Gold or silver-plated jewelry is not worth much in an appraisal. You only want to sell real gold or silver jewelry with diamonds or other precious stones. Semi-precious stones will not command a high price so keep them at home.


How Much Money Can You Get?

If you sell your jewelry outright, you usually get more money. When you take out a loan you have to pay interest, but you will get your jewelry back when you pay it off. If you don’t repay the loan, you forfeit your jewelry. The price that you get is going to depend on the appraisal and whether or not you are selling it outright or taking out a loan.

You get the most money when you sell expensive jewelry that has a lot of gold or diamonds. You never know what you have in your jewelry chest and your jewelry might be worth a lot of money that you can use for the things you need. The jewelry doesn’t have to be in perfect condition either. You will receive a price for the weight of the metal so feel free to pawn gold chains and pendants.

Jamaica Pawn Brokers will also accept silver jewelry, but the value of silver is not as high as gold so you can’t expect to get the same amount of money. You will need to bring in a lot of silver jewelry to match the price of gold and make any money. No gold-plated jewelry or costume jewelry.



How Does the Loan Work?

If you need money fast and you want your jewelry back, you can use it for collateral and get a loan. Jamaica Pawn Brokers won’t run a credit check, so it doesn’t matter if your credit is bad. You don’t need to fill out an application and your credit score isn’t an issue. As long as you have valuable jewelry to sell, you can get the loan you need fast with no strings attached.

Once you pay the loan back in full, you can get your jewelry back. If you decide not to pay the loan, we will sell the jewelry or melt it down.

When you have bad credit, it can be very hard to get a loan since most lenders will turn you down. When you sell or pawn jewelry in Jamaica, Queens you don’t have to deal with a credit check. It doesn’t matter if you have bad credit or not since your jewelry is your collateral. If you need money fast and you have bad credit, you can easily get the money you need by using your jewelry as collateral. You will get a loan no matter how bad your credit is.

The loan won’t affect your credit score, even if you default. Conversely, you don’t get your jewelry back. If you live in Queens and need money fast, gather your jewelry and get the loan you need. You will get the loan on the spot – up to $100,000.


How To Get Your Jewelry Back

Once the term is up, all you have to do to get your jewelry back is pay the loan off. The process is very simple and you will get your money back right away. You can take up to a year to pay the loan.

The appraiser will work with you to ensure that the payment period meets your needs. If you decide not to get your jewelry back, it won’t affect your credit score. Furthermore, you won’t get sent to collections either. Your jewelry is your collateral and we’ll sell or melt it down if you don’t claim it after the loan period is up. If you have jewelry that you don’t want and would like to turn it into cash, just visit Jamaica Pawn Brokers and get the money you need on the spot.

Let your jewelry work for you and sell or pawn jewelry in Jamaica, Queens. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. With low interest rates and no credit check, you can’t go wrong when you need money. You’ll get a fair rate on your jewelry, and we will work out a repayment plan that suits your needs.


Sell or Pawn Your Jewelry With Us

Jamaica Pawn Broker is in Jamaica, Queens. The business is family-owned and has been in operation since 1980. Let their team of experienced appraisers help you get the most money for your jewelry. Call us now and get your free appraisal at (718)739-6060.








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