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At Jamaica Pawn we understand that anyone can run into a money pinch at some time or other. The key is to make sure that a sudden personal or family problem, like an illness, a car breakdown, a broken appliance, a speeding ticket or some other unanticipated event doesn’t spin out of control. The last thing you want is for your problem to start a chain reaction that will affect your credit or your relationship with your bank, landlord, local merchant, your credit card company, or anyone else.

That’s where we comes in. For over 1,000 years pawn shops, like Jamaica Pawn, have made loans to borrowers who had nowhere else to turn for the money they needed. We can loan you the money you need based on collateral you pledge against the loan, and the interest we charge is regulated by New York State. In fact, our rates are lower than many credit card companies.

We are fair and flexible. If, for any reason, you can’t pay us back for your loan, our only recourse is the collateral you have pledged to us as a guarantee. We do not report it to any credit reporting agencies and we do not take any legal action. We only assume ownership of whatever item you pledged when you took the loan

Our goal is simple. If you need a loan, we can help, and we can act quickly. Check your closets, your drawers, your garage, attic, basement, warehouse, and your file cabinets for objects of value. Look for jewelry, watches, gold, silver, and other objects with value. Let us take a look at what you find. We can loan you the money you need quickly, without a credit check, and without personal questions that might prove embarrassing.

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